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Weekly Wassup – 9/29/14

Check out the first episode of our “Weekly Wassup” series! Find out what’s happening on campus week to week with the special help from Darius. Wassup This Week Random Act of Kindness Week Grocery...

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UNO TV Spot ’06 – Throwback Thursday

This is the commercial UNO used back in 2006. I think we’ve come a little ways since then! I don’t think it’s UNO’s fault or anything, but it comes off as a little “call...

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Yik Yakkers Anonymous

Do you even Yak bro!? You’ve probably heard of Yik Yak by now. If not, you probably don’t own a smart phone.  Or you find more productive things to do with your time.  Whatever...

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If you’re reading this, you probably came to the UNOtube informational. Or you’re at it right now. Or you just stumbled across this page surfing the vast depths of the internet. Whatever the case,...

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Jazz @ the Sandbar – Throwback Thursday

So the Cove at UNO was rebuilt recently after it was destroyed during Katrina.  I found this nice little gem that shows a pretty interesting flashback of what the Cove used to look like!

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Orientation Leaders: The MOST Involved

This past summer, I had the awesome opportunity to return to being an Orientation Leader.  My duties this past year were a bit different, however.  My main task was basically documenting our summer through...